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Shrimp Freezer range The Shrimp freezer baits. Made using the finest quality fishmeal’s, green lipped muscle and some other ‘secrets’. No synthetic flavours, just the highest quality natural ingredients.
Yellow-200x300  Yellow Pop Ups
Shrimp pops  Our Shrimp Pop Ups
Choc-50-50-200x300 Pop Ups
glugs and dips Glugs and Dips to match.

It has long been an ambition of mine to produce a bait that is highly affective for you the angler yet perfect for our beloved Carp. Our range of baits went through a vigorous, sometimes frustrating but overall a very positive testing period and we now have a range of baits that will support a Carp’s metabolism which will keep them returning and even hunting out your baits amongst others!

Carp are clever species, just like us, they know what’s good for them and what’s not. Roseau’s range of baits have been developed with the upmost importance spent on making sure that the ingredients used are of very high quality, something the Carp can eat, digest and pass through with no problems. With all of these factors achieved we now have what we believe to be a breakthrough in bait development.

Having a fishery myself I wanted to produce a range of baits that would benefit my own stock to increase their growth weights and to maintain a healthy stock of fish which would continue to keep my customers returning for many years.

It was hard at times being out testing in the harshest of conditions, we fished various types of waters to see what impact the bait would have on “harder” venues over time and the rewards we had were great, some special Carp were landed yet made all the more special to have caught them on a bait we have produced!!!

We promised ourselves that when the bait was 100% only then would we launch it so others can reap the rewards from a truly awesome bait…! We have reached that point and now it’s time to let you have a taste of what lies ahead in your future angling, no matter how hard or easy the waters you fish these baits will be the difference between being 100% confident in your bait and sitting wondering whether you should try something different.

Like any form of angling you have to do the basics first but your bait choice is a very important factor in catching and having continued success, get these factors right, combine them with our range of baits and success is what you’ll have.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing your photo’s on our gallery pages soon.

Tight Lines

The Roseau Baits Team.