Welcome to the Roseau Carp Fishery web site.

Roseau Carp Fishery lies in the small farming village of Boue, North Eastern France, a short 2 hours drive from the port of Calais.

The complex comprises of two lakes, the large lake is 11 acres in size with 9 swims, whilst the Small Lake is around 2.5 acres with 3 swims and 2 stalking swims.

The Large Lake can be booked exclusively or by choosing your swims. The Small Lake is for Exclusive bookings only.

In addition, we have a bar / restaurant, including pool table, dart board etc plus a modern shower block comprising of toilets and showers.

Roseau has been running for a number of years and has always been described as a “Run Water”. Well nothing’s changed.

Many of our customers return year on year but things change over time. Historically, some swims have been more productive than others but since lock down in 2020 a number of changes have been made.


The East bank of the big lake has been widened by 7 metres
The East bank has been deepened along the marginal shelf
Swims have been relocated (see Lake Map)

As a result of making these changes, ALL swims now have equal opportunities to catch numbers of quality fish.

Catch reports from 2022:

  • Average weight: 26lb
  • Biggest caught: 46lb
  • Most fish out in one week 230 to 7 anglers
  • Most fish out in one week per individual 70+


The Small Lake remains relatively unchanged. Stalking swims remain at each end of the lake, USE THEM. Some anglers choose to sit in their swim and miss opportunities presented to them.

Catch reports from 2022

  • Average weight: 31lb
  • Biggest caught: 55lb+
  • Most fish out in one week 43 (2 anglers)
  • Most fish out in one week per individual 23+

I wouldn’t describe the Small Lake as a runs water but it certainly makes up for in term of stamp and quality of fish.

I’ll finish as I started. Roseau can be a run’s water subject to:

  • Competent angling
  • Quality bait
  • Quantity of bait (not so much for the Small Lake)
  • Location
  • Weather conditions

As they say “it’s fishing not catching”

If this seems a venue you’d like choose please visit the Availability / Bookings page to secure your trip.

Tight lines!!
Team Roseau


I caught my first 40lb Mirror Carp from this carp lake in france

From Grant Matthews – Essex

Hi I just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for the most amazing Carp Fishing trip  in France. I am based in Essex so since the age of ten years old I have been visiting all the lakes in the area, in hunt of the big carp. I am now 34 and I have not been able to break that 30lb PB for years, It has been a constant battle and one I have lost.

Lat year I decided that the UK did not hold the key for me to break this massive weight so I decided to have a look on the internet for Carp Fishing in France, and you popped up!  After I booked my tickets the excitement started to grow, me and my pals were so excited and when the day finally came, well we were like little kids! full of excitement and hope!

On arriving at the stunning Roseau carp fishery the first thing I noticed is how beautiful and quiet it was, first stop was the lodge for a well deserved beer. After getting settled we thought we would grab a  few hours before dark, there was no way we could not fish the lake, it looked… well, magical!

We decided to start on the big lake, I have heard that this lake was sometime compared to a runs water, to be honest I do not think there is such a thing, if carp are hungry they will eat, simple!

I cast out one of my rods into the middle of a gorgeous expanse of water, set the rod in the pod, fixed the bite indicator, and started messing about with the second rod… when all of a sudden my reel started to scream… I threw down my rod, and hit it… It was like hitting a BUS!. As soon as I struck into this fish it powered deeper into the lake, every time I thought I had the fight won, the carp decided to fight even harder! After a good 30 mins and my arm almost dropping off John managed to get the net under it. As we lifted it onto the unhooking mat I was delighted to see a stunning Mirror carp, I have to say it was the prettiest thing with scales I have ever seen. After carefully removing the barbless hook we weight it… and BANG, 36.5lb, within just 30 mins of having my rod in the water I had SMASHED my personal best!

The holiday carried on the same way as the first day, I had a total of 10 fish, the heaviest was 39.6lb and the rest of the guys had great catches too.

I have been fishing long enough to know that the chance of hooking into a french carp like that, so quickly is very rare, however I wanted to write to you to tell you how happy you have made me, I will 100% be returning to in my eyes the best Carp Fishing in France!

Thanks again…tight lines!