Terms & Conditons

Booking your holiday at Roseau Carp Fishery


Once you have checked our availability page and you have selected your holiday dates, telephone or contact us to reserve your fishing holiday. When we have confirmed availability to you by either telephone or email you need to print off and complete the booking form which you can download here Then return it to us at the address on the booking form. We will hold your provisional reservation for you for 7 days, or until we receive you’re booking form and payment if sooner. Once we have received your completed and signed booking form we will confirm your booking in writing and send you confirmation and a receipt. Please make sure you have read our fishery rules prior to booking.

Booking terms and conditions

  • Booking – Once your completed booking form and deposit is received by Roseau Carp Fishery Ltd your holiday will be reserved for you/your party. Your booking is taken to be confirmed and accepted in respect to all persons traveling when we send our invoice to the person signing the booking form. The signing of the booking form confirms that he/she has the authority of all other persons included to make the booking on their behalf and that they have read and accepted these booking terms and conditions and the Fishery Rules and Restrictions. Deposits are accepted on the strict understanding that this action has been taken.
  • Deposit – A non-refundable deposit of £80 per angler, £200 per Small Lake Exclusive Booking or £800 per Exclusive Large lake booking must accompany your booking form. Cheques should be made payable to Roseau Carp Fishery Ltd. Alternatively payment can be made by bank transfer. If either of these payment methods is preferred, please let us know when making your reservation and we will give you the relevant bank account details.  If applicable, any Non Fishing Guest fees of £50pp will be collected with the balance payment.
  • Balance payment – is required no later than 8 weeks prior to your booked arrival date or 10 weeks for a large lake exclusive booking. If a booking is placed within 10 weeks of your arrival date, the total cost of the holiday must be included with the booking. If full payment is not received 8 weeks prior to your booked date Roseau Carp Fishery Ltd reserve the right to cancel your booking and charge a cancellation fee as set out in paragraph 4 of these terms and conditions.
  • Cancellation – If you cancel your confirmed booking, it will only be accepted in writing, signed by the Group Organiser and the following fees will be incurred:-
  • i – Cancellation up to 8 weeks prior to your travel date cancellation fee – deposit only / 10 weeks for large lake exclusive bookings.
  • ii – Cancellation less than 8 weeks prior to your travel date cancellation fee – the full cost of the holiday / 10 weeks for large lake exclusive bookings.
  • iii – In the event that swims are pre booked for a party, we will not accept cancellation for one member of the party. The full balance for all swims will be required.
  • Booking Changes – If any changes to a confirmed booking are required, we will try and be flexible wherever possible.
  • Travel Documents – All guests should ensure that they hold the appropriate passport and travel documents at time of travel. It is strongly advised that you have a current EHIC and adequate travel insurance before traveling. We will accept no responsibility for any irregularity in your travel documents.
  • Travel Arrangements – All travel arrangements/requirements are your responsibility and Roseau Carp Fishery Ltd accepts no responsibility for delays or cancellations to crossings via any method.
  • Children – We do not consider the fishery suitable for children under the age of 12. All children between the ages of 12-18 years must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.
  • Pets – Pets are not allowed.
  • Fishery Rules and Regulations – All persons holidaying at Roseau Carp Fishery (anglers and guests) must agree to abide by the rules laid down by the management staff.
  • Jurisdiction – Signature on the booking constitutes acceptance of a contract on these terms subject to English Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.
  • Force Majeure – Roseau Carp Fishery Ltd will not be held liable for loss or delay occasioned by any of the following: Strikes, Political Unrest, Riots, Port Closures, War or Threat of, Terrorist Activity, Industrial Disputes, Fire, Flood, Technical/Weather problems to transportation, Acts of god or any other event(s) beyond our control.
  • Roseau Carp Fishery Ltd – reserves the right to immediately terminate the services we are contractually obliged to provide you, if we, or our employees or any other person appointed under our authority judge your behaviour to be likely to cause discomfort or harm to other anglers, other people, any fish, grounds, lakes or property. In this situation we will not accept any liability to pay you a refund or provide compensation and you may incur costs for any damage caused.
  • Complaints – In the event of a complaint regarding your holiday with Roseau Carp Fishery Ltd, please refer to management staff on site or in writing.
  • Pre-booking of Swims – During the booking process of your Angling Holiday, you have the option to pre-book swims to ensure that your angling friends are grouped together, single swims are charged at £30 each and doubles are charged at £40. If you pre-book your swims this will be added to your Holiday Confirmation and will be charged in GBP on arrival and prior to fishing taking place. (From 2021 booking of swims via this method will cease and all fishing areas will be priced accordingly).